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This is a fight for love, lust, hate, desire
We are the children of the great empire.

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inspired by x

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30 Seconds to Mars @ The Odyssey Arena, November 26th 2013

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30 Seconds To Mars 

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"I probably was one of the handful of people who knew about this band early on. I had received this demo from a friend of my sister’s once when I was visiting in California. And at first I was like, I listened to it a little bit and it totally didn’t catch my ear right away and then I found out that Jared Leto was the singer, and I was like, oh fuck this.”

Happy 34th Birthday, Tomislav Miličević!

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after the question about Jared’s hair :D

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“There’s a part of “Closer to the Edge” where Leto screams “No, no, no” and in the video, you see him thrust his arm and the crowd of thousands follow his lead. It’s as powerful as a music moment as I’ve ever experienced and I wasn’t even there to witness it. I want to be in the crowd singing with their fans, weeping away my sorrows and wiping away the tears of joy because the sensation their songs provide is a reminder of how grand and wonderful life truly is.(x)

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