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jewdas replied to your post: The MTN choreography is ah-maz-ing and it feels so…

thank god we don’t have to find out

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Favorite make and female name

Male: Alexander
Female: Jessica

jewdas-deactivated20120731: I threw a book on stage at the Monster Ball lol :( it was a book of my drawings but she didn't see it and a dancer picked it up and idk what happened to it

Well at least you didn’t hurl it at her and nearly hit her with it lol

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jewdas-deactivated20120731: if God exists, and you had the chance to ask one question, what would it be?

Hmm that’s a hard one! I could go with the “what’s the meaning of life” but I think we’re supposed to try and figure that one out ourselves so…”What do you think of all the people who have killed in your name?”