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“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.” alana. twenty-something. female. INFJ. british. extremely single. cat owner. sherlockian. film lover. echelon. the bad guy is my favourite. shakespeare nerd. joss whedon is my god now. sarcastic bastard.

My bb 😻#jarvisthecat #catsofinstagram

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  1. bright-eyed-goddes said: Meeeeelting…. I’m meeeeelllltingggg…! So cute!
  2. eventualprocrastination said: awww so precious imm i wanna nom your cat
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  4. theolddictionary said: Your bb is so adorable. :3
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  6. violateraindrop said: What a cutie!
  7. ananita said: what a handsome ginger!
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